Sadie McLellan: Artist in Glass

Sadie McLellan
1914 - 2007

A recent addition to our museum is the Sadie McLellan Exhibition. Sadie along with husband and fellow artist Walter Pritchard worked and lived in Crawfordjohn between 1971 - 1989. Her workshop was the old Crawfordjohn United Free Church.

Sadie's life was researched by Stained Glass enthusiast, Tom Honey and in 2004 Tom gifted his research materials, including slides and photographs, to our museum.

The exhibition includes pictures, slides and a DVD presentation of Sadie's beautiful work that adorns churches and buildings across Scotland, plus a chronological list of her work from 1937 until she moved to Nova Scotia in 1989 to live with her daughter. Sadly, Sadie died in Nova Scotia in 2007, but her work lives on.

"Sadie McClellan's glass remains to enrich our churches and express with vigour and timelessness her great love of Scotland and our culture". Crear McCartney