Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture Trust

Access Policy  

1.   The museum’s mission

The purpose of Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture as a museum is to collect, safeguard and make accessible, artefacts and specimens originating in, or associated with, the geographical area as defined from time to time by the Trust's Collecting Policy.  It holds these artefacts and specimens in trust for society, to enable people from all sections of the community to explore the collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.

2. Our definition of access

We recognise access as something which is made possible when physical, cultural, social, financial, intellectual, psychological and emotional barriers are removed or reduced.

3. Our commitment to accessibility


Our commitment is long term and our aim is to achieve the optimum level of access to the museum’s collections, and to enable the widest possible spectrum of people from all sections of the community to enjoy independent use of the museum’s facilities. Our policy is one of continuous incremental improvement as our resources permit.


Our policy is to build accessibility into everything that we do to develop and improve the museum.                                             

We consider :

  • Physical accessibility – the ability of people with physical disabilities to reach and appreciate every part of the museum. The needs of the elderly and of people caring for young children are considered as physical access issues.
  • Sensory accessibility – whether those with impaired vision or hearing can enjoy and appreciate the museum’s building, exhibitions and collection
  • Intellectual access – whether people with a range of learning styles or those with learning disabilities can engage with and enjoy the museum and its exhibitions.
  • Cultural access – the needs of people for whom English is not a first language, or those whose background knowledge of the area and culture may be limited.
  • Emotional and attitudinal access – whether the museum environment and the museum staff are welcoming to visitors from all sections of the community.
  • Financial access – the importance of maintaining the museum’s admission charge at an affordable level
  • Technological access – the importance of the museum’s website especially to those for whom physical access is difficult.


We regularly review our achievements and make plans for further progress.


January 2011

To be reviewed May 2012