During the 17th 18th and 19th centuries there were many breaks in continuity and changes in the form of worship used in the parish churches. The changes were imposed on congregations by politicians and by religious leaders, but not always without opposition.  The Covenanting movement was strong in this area, and at another time a chosen minister was rejected by the local people.
In times of disruption within the church in the 19th century, church buildings had been erected in Roberton, Abington and Crawfordjohn, and used by the United Free Church of Scotland. When the differences were resolved between the dissenters and the established church in 1929, the well respected Minister of the United Free Church became the Minister for the whole congregation of Abington and Crawfordjohn, and the Free churches ceased to be used. 

The Roberton one was sold, and the Abington one was eventually dismantled. The Free Church at Crawfordjohn with its date embossed on the exterior 1850 was used variously, including as a workshop studio by the late Sadie McLellan, Artist in Glass of whom more can be learned in the Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture Museum. This building has now been converted into a dwelling house.

  Detail from a panel in the Crawfordjohn Church
To the Glory of God and in memory of the ministers of the parish of Crawfordjohn since the Reformation.

William Levingstoun 1567  
James Fotheringhame 1589  
Robert Lindsay A.M 1603-1651  
Robert Hume A.M. 1652-1659  
William Somervel A.M 1660-1662  
William Thomson A.M 1664-1682  
John Nisbet A.M 1682-1686  
Samuel Mowat A.M. 1686-1688  
John Bryce 1693-1704  
Robert Lang 1709-1711  
Robert Davidsone 1713-1747  
William Millar 1750-1801 Longest serving minister
John Aird 1801-1815  
William Goldie 1816-1862  
John Allan Hunter Park Paton 1862-1866  
James Cowan 1866-1892  
Rev. George MacWilliam M.A. 1893-1933  
William McGregor M.A. 1917-1930 U.F.Church
William McGregor M.A 1930-1954 Parish Church
C. Vincent Williams M.A.,B.A 1955-1970  

In the 1970's when  the last of the ministers retired from office it was decided to unite the former parishes of Roberton and Wiston, Lamington, and Crawfordjohn and Abington to form a new parish to be called Duneaton, named after the tributary of the Clyde that flowed through much of the new parish. An interim minister Mr. Tennant steered the congregation until the appointment of the first minister the Rev Robert Johnstone, who remained in position from 1971 till 1978. 

He was succeeded by the Rev Moses Donaldson who stay until 1993 After leaving the parish Moses moved to Fort Augustus and enjoyed an interesting and far traveled career, including a prominent position in the National Bible Society.  He subsequently died during 2006, and his obituaries reached national daily papers. 

The last service of regular worship in Crawfordjohn church was at Easter 1986. Several ecumenical services have been held there since it became a museum.